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We as parents always wanted to maintain things clean and organized and one of them is our car. For us, a car is also like our home and the same with it, we also clean and take care of it. When we travel along with my eight kids, it’s unavoidable that our car will not get messy during our journey. That's the start when we had the idea to create our main product, “The Garbage Bin”. 

And now, we offer an innovative and compact vehicle trash can that will be the easy solution to organize the items and keep waste from scattering all over your car. The Garbage Can is a simple, yet effective waste container that keeps your car interior tidy and clean. These products are made out of high-quality materials, customizable, and accessible to the customers. With the large capacity, you will always be able to stay organized.

The following products were also in our store to provide a perfect solution to keep your vehicle interior tidy and clean….

  1. Trash Bags - It is designed with strong bearing capacity and tear resistance, not easy to pierce.
  2. A Car Seat Organizer - this storage can hold a tablet for the kids to enjoy watching cartoons or movies and while you're driving, your kids would stop bothering you. Have everything in your car in its proper place. In the various pockets of the organizer, all the stuff will have its place.

In addition, we have crafted these heavy duty license plate holders because we know the importance of keeping your license plates properly displayed, mounted and protected.

The interests of our customers were always our top priority, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.    

In Haussimple, we always keep an eye on the latest trends and provide our customers with the best solutions that will satisfy your needs. No matter where you go, Haussimple is along for the ride. We always take pride in whatever we started and strive for.



Our vision is to create a better life by helping people have a comfortable and relaxing car. 


Our mission is to provide you with the best quality products and outstanding service to make your relaxing car comes to life.

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    Project Manager

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    Production Controller

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    Store Manager

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